Speaking of the Unspoken

We all face challenges, but don’t talk about our human struggles (especially at work!) Oksana helps entrepreneurs, leaders, and their employees to engage in insightful conversations and meaningful shared experiences to elevate stress levels, productivity, and well-being.

Do You Find Yourself…


  • Feeling stressed and overwhelmed because of the constant work demands and overbooked schedule?
  • Experiencing anxiety, worry, and fear of uncertainty, sometimes for no reason at all?
  • Wanting to do what you love, and having no time for yourself?
  • Feeling shame and guilt for failed relationships, defaulting on health routines, and not meeting other people’s needs?
  • Fighting to survive, feeling lonely, and operating from non-stop emergencies?

You are not alone!

Oksana has found success and happiness after overcoming severe anxiety, depression, multiple burnouts, suicidal tendencies, triple-move across the world, and two divorces!

She has strategies and techniques that could help you too,


Keynote Speaker

Live and Virtual Events | Webinars | Interviews | Podcasts

Oksana will:

  • Speak the unspoken about mental wellness at work
  • Lead restorative mindfulness and breathing exercises
  • Engage the audience in energizing routines and new habits
  • Leave your audience with a rejuvenated spirit and answers to some of life’s toughest questions.

Executive Coach

Private Meditation + Mindfulness Coaching to Reach the Next Level

You will:

  • Shift from stagnation and poor habits (even the one you did not see before)
  • Feel expansion in all areas of life: work, relationships, personal
  • Operate from content, clarity, and patience  towards yourself and others
  • Answer the existential questions about life, purpose, existence, and Self from a higher state of awareness.

Best-Selling Author

Next Level You: How I transformed my life with mindfulness and meditation

This book will:

  • Educate, inspire, and energize you to jump-start or deepen your meditation and mindfulness practice
  • Give  personal stories, practices, and  the right doses of scientific research satisfying even the skeptics 
  • Share strategies to transform your life from busy and stressed to balanced and energized

Popular Speaking Topics

Employee Mental Wellness

We’ve been warned burnout is coming. We’ve been told a mental health crisis has ensued. But what can we do as leaders and team members to get ahead of it and ensure our organizations stay healthy – physically, operationally and mentally?
More Details

With SattvaMe Programs Your Team Will:

  • Restore work-life balance through a solid plan and tactical tools
  • Engage in insightful conversations on wellness and best practices to sustain it
  • Answer questions and share experiences
  • Unite in our humanity and diversity despite all the challenges

Choose from a combination of live and virtual wellness experiences that allow your employees to bond and communicate more effectively.  Your team will connect in a way that will move your company forward!

Next Level Leadership

You can’t change, what you can’t see. As leaders we are required to constantly expand our vision and intuition, as information will always be incomplete and uncertain. How to raise the awareness as the first step to any improvement and growth?

More Details

In This Training, Your Leadership Team Will:

  • Discover what habits block greatness, and learn how to change them
  • Embrace “You Are The Leader of Change” mindset and what it means to your success as a leader
  • Learn strategies to inspire change in yourself and your team
  • Get practical tools to support sustainable growth on all levels

Together we will keep expanding our awareness and transform from an effective managers to the Next Level Leaders.

Next Level Meditation

Meditation is now a scientifically proven tool for stress-relief and emotional regulation. But, do you really understand what this practice is about? Have you experienced what it could bring to your professional and personal life?

More Details

In this engagement, Oksana will talk about:

  • Myths and truths about meditation (and the apps)
  • Go through the meditation stages so you know how it suppose to feel when you do it
  • Share simple meditation techniques from the Indian Himalayas to bring your life and work to the next level. (Personal meditation initiation upon request)

And there is so much more to it that science and the medical field have not yet revealed. We will go deep into the topic and experience of meditation, consciousness, and self-mastery.

About Oksana

Oksana Esberard is a mental wellness expert, mindfulness and meditation coach, international speaker, and best-selling author. She is a founder of SattvaMe, a global virtual training organization focused on stress management, productivity, and wellness for employees, business leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Utilizing her extensive practice and multicultural background, Oksana bridges the gap from stress to productivity, from burnout to well-being. She leads online corporate programs and in-person training in small businesses and Inc. 500 companies around the world, including companies like Microsoft, Sandler Training, Buzzfeed, YPO, Entrepreneurs Organization (EO), Petra Coach, and New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, among others.

Oksana shared her story of overcoming her struggle with severe anxiety and suicidal thought in a bestselling book, NEXT LEVEL YOU.

Born and raised in the far-east of Russia, Oksana became a citizen of the world at the age of 16. She has traveled to 55 countries, leading executive events and workshops in India, North America, and Russia.

More Details

Oksana’s engagements range from 15 minutes to multi-week training and retreats, and provide:

  • Tools to manage stress in daily work and life
  • Short and practical wellness techniques
  • Strategies to overcome fear and anxiety
  • Solutions to boost focus and productivity
  • Safe and trusting connection and team-bonding
  • Culture of well-being

All delivered online, live, and extremely engaging!

Oksana’s Work Experience

  • Growth Institute Online Course
    (Top 3 most-watched course)
  • YPO Pittsburgh (2020)
  • YPO Manufacturing Excellence Network (2020)
  • Employee Virtual Wellness Programs for UPtv, EG Workforce Solutions, Petra Coach, Wimmer Solutions, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers (2020)
  • EO Winnipeg (2020)
  • EO New Jersey (2020)
  • Gathering of Titans, MIT, Boston (2019)
  • EO Nashville (2018, 2019 – 10 rating)
  • Key Executive Program, MIT, Boston  (2018, 2019 – 9 rating)
  • EO South Florida (2017-present – 10 rating)
  • YPO Couples New York at Ocean Reef Club (2019)
  • YPO Washington DC at Ocean Reef Club (2019) EO Boston (2018 – 10 rating)
  • No Longer Virtual Conference (2018, 2019)
  • Tennessee Relocation Council (2019)


  • Trained over 4 years in the Indian Himalayas (meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, somatic practices, holistic living)
  • Certified 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR – US)
  • Certified Transcendental Meditation Training (Hong Kong)
  • Certified Master Meditation Initiator  (Master YACEP Teacher Training, Sattva Yoga Academy, India)
  • Trained in Internal Family System Therapy  (IFS Institute)
  • Completed “Treating Trauma and Neurobiology of Trauma” Master Course (NICABM)
  • MBA and Hospitality BA (US)
  • Continued education in mindfulness, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, and psychology


How I transformed my life with mindfulness and meditation

This book will help you transform your life from busy and stressed to balanced and energized. It is a combination of personal stories, practices, and research designed to educate, inspire, and energize you to jump-start or deepen your meditation and mindfulness practice.

NEXT LEVEL YOU weaves the powerful story of ‘why’ Oksana has the insight and ability to assist entrepreneurs and leaders to discover more for themselves.

Andy Bailey

Founder, Petra Coach

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