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Last year we worked with companies from different industries, geographical locations, and sizes. We noticed one common element. Organizations that offered meditation and mindfulness in the workplace are people-oriented. In return employees’ level of awareness, customer service, desire to bring value in any interaction and ability to resolve challenges are higher than in the companies that don’t meditate nor practice mindfulness.

If you know that the company you are considering doing business with offers meditation, would you agree it just gained an extra point on your record? Even if you don’t meditate, don’t believe in mindfulness – you are still likely to take it as a positive sign. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of companies that meditated with SattvaMe Meditation in 2017. 

1. New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of South Florida.

By far the top business meditation and mindfulness practitioner. At no surprise, this privately-owned New Horizons Center received multiple awards for the Best Employer in South Florida for several consecutive years and named Winner of the Mega Center of the Year and Five Star Center of Excellence Award for five years in a row. Moreover, they are the first company to meditate in 2018 with SattvaMe. Congratulations and keep on being mindful!

2. Florida International University.

Being as large as a city, Florida International University still manages to keep the focus on each individual staff member and their wellbeing. Faculties of the College of Business and Department of Alumni Relations know first hand how to relax and center, so the can give the best to the students. Last year they organized team meditations and learned the techniques to connect the body and the mind for the peak performance. 

3. BuzzFeed (New York City).

The energy and the creativity are spread through the entire 5-floor building. They are buzzing like busy bees. It’s even hard to find a quiet spot to meditate. But they manage, as they know the value of getting silent and listening to the creative voice inside.

4. Stantec.

Who knew that architects and designers get as stressed as lawyers or doctors? But not this team of young and progressive professionals at Stantec. In 2017 they carved our time to do group meditation as well as came to weekly meditation sessions with SattvaMe to distress and give the best designs to their clients. 

5. Intradeco Apparel.

This is a perfect example of a company that makes it happen despite the challenges with scheduling for front-line employees. Intradeco’s human resource team runs regular wellness employee initiatives, which include office massages, yoga, nutrition and meditations for the whole company to attend and enjoy.

6. Greater Miami Society for Human Resources Management (GMSHRM).

This Chapter is constantly looking to bringing the latest and greatest to its members. As Human Resource experts, in 2017 they open-mindedly tested meditation and mindfulness on themselves and realized how much their members and colleagues could benefit. More to be done this 2018!

7. Brown & Brown Insurance.

The Sales Team at Brown & Brown of Florida knows how to recharge when it’s most needed. They are pushing strong to start 2018 with secured revenue and using meditation as an energy boost – on Friday night! 

8. AmWay Russia.

The least expected place to be a pioneer of meditation, AmWay in Moscow, Russia blown us away by its interest and practice of mindfulness at work. Their VP of Sales and Operations knows the value of self-care and awareness first hand and now brings these valuable practices to her team. 

9. VTEX.

An e-commerce giant that knows that technology is run by people. Their rapid growth in the USA this 2017 was possible as the leadership team invested time to pause and meditate. 

10. Miami Beach Woman’s Club.

Their Event Director Alison Colberg is a solid meditation practitioner and handles any corporate or private events in calm and delightful manner. SattvaMe hosted Meditation and Wine Tasting at this spectacular venue and the energy and enjoyment were beyond words. 

11. Town Of Miami Lakes.

Town of Miami Lakes Team knows how to throw a heartfelt celebration. Choosing Meditation and Wine Tasting as their company party, they rewarded all their employees with attention, gratitude and delicious educational wine tasting. The memories to last a lifetime for employee engagement and happiness at work.

12. eMerge Americas Conference.

What do Technology and Mindfulness have in common? A lot more than you may think. In 2017 this technology conference pioneered the discussion on mindfulness and meditation and what it brings to the workplace. Together with Erica Keswin, Mike Dannheim, and Payal Khurana we’ve touched upon a controversial impact of technology on the human mind and interactions, useful tools and science behind these emerging techniques.

13. Compass.

A real estate giant offers regular meditation classes in their New York office. Miami-based real estate broker and meditation enthusiast Jorge Brito continued with the practice and tradition joining SattvaMe Meditation for business professionals offered in Downtown, Miami.

14. Florida Wine Academy.

As controversial as it may sound, meditation and wine go quite well together. Tested! Director of Wine Education, Alessandra Esteves, used meditation to pass an extremely challenging wine certification a few years back. And in 2017 she practiced and worked together with SattvaMe to offer meditation to the wine-lovers and students. 

15. The Lab Miami.

A co-working space with a mindful twist offers various classes, workshop and wellness initiatives to their tenants and hosts public events all year round. Last year SattvaMe had a privilege to host a meditation class for the tenants and guests.

16. ComReal.

A boutique commercial and industrial real estate company carved out time to experience meditation and learn tools to be more mindful of their clients and colleagues.

17. AGITO Consulting.

The founders of this consulting firm attended all the meditation events hosted by SattvaMe and took on mindfulness practice on the personal and professional level. They reported multiple health benefits, which enabled them to do better in their business.

18. One Biscayne Tower.

This two tower office complex nestled in Downtown Miami was the original “home” for SattvaMe weekly meditations. Opened to the whole downtown business community, we offered free meditation sessions twice a week. Many residents of the towers and business neighbors came to meditate, balance, and focus before and after work hours. The gorgeous bay views from the 32nd floor and unforgettable sunrises were the priceless contribution to everyone’s wellbeing.

Consider your reference check for these organizations is 50% done as they meditated in 2017 with SattvaMe.

Many other individual companies and practitioners attended SattvaMe events and initiatives last year. We are grateful for all the shared energy and positive impact on the business world. We are excited about a rapidly growing list of companies that meditate in 2018 that will be released next year.

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