Now that most are getting back to the office (at least part-time), what does a healthy place to work look like?

No, it’s not unlimited coffee and snacks, beer on tap for happy hours on Fridays, bean bag chairs, or a ping pong table.

It’s having a good, positive company culture.

…An owner (or c-suite team) that cares about the employees.
…Being encouraged to use the time off to reset (guilt-free).
…Having access to learning resources to grow in your position
…Knowing that mental wellness is important and having programs in place to support the people who want or need it.

Is YOUR company a healthy place to work? 

  • If “Yes”, hand-write a thank you note to your boss today 🙂
  • If “No”, give my email to him or her as it’s time we talk.

At your service,


A quote to reflect on: “The bottleneck is always at the top of the bottle.
– Peter Drucker