May you be happy, healthy, and joyful this new year and always.

Perfect time to restart our Wellness Habits or install new ones! 
Here for ya should you need help this 2022 🙂

As we are finishing a few final hours of the calendar 2021, how was it for you?

One of the exercises that I did with my clients is reflecting on the most significant positive events backward for each month, starting with December. And allowing the brain and the body to re-experience them again.

Here is a gift of this guided meditation to listen to within the next few days:

SattvaMe Reflections Meditation 2021

Why is this important? Because our society is too fixated on future achievements and not enough on celebration and acknowledgment of how far we have come.

Constant strive for the “better” future creates a mentality of lack, dissatisfaction, and stress.

Looking at the past with gratitude fuels our brains, bodies, and souls with uplifting hormones and energies to move forward with grace and enthusiasm 🤗

Happy New Beginnings,

Oksana & SattvaMe Team