Today is a full moon and we barely take into account the impact on our well-being from this celestial object. But it’s huge.

During the full moon, the liquid in our brains expands and causes mini-swallowing, which literally makes us “crazier”. On average around the full moon, more police and hospital emergencies and calls are reported all around the world.

Other symptoms may include irritability, headaches, emotional swings, and problems with sleep.

What could you do to minimize the impact and also take advantage of this spiritually potent time?

It helps to avoid stimulants, like alcohol and coffee around the full moon. Adding more water, juice fasting, and eating easy-to-digest foods. And literally, take it easy!

Fool Moon is also an auspicious time to deepen your meditation and silence time, journal or reflect on some changes that you want to welcome in your life. The energy is conducive to starting new habits and gives more chances to stick to them long-term.

What do you feel this full moon is bringing you?

A quote to reflect on: 

“It is the very error of the moon. She comes more near the earth than she was wont. And makes men mad.”
—William Shakespeare, Othello