Let’s talk about wellness at work for a second here.

Is Your Workplace A Source of Well-Being?

How many of your co-workers, employees, and leaders are silently experiencing: Stress, Anxiety, Burnout, Fear of Uncertainty, Caffeine, and Alcohol Reliance?

And taking prescription medications for Sleep, Pain, and Digestive Issues?

WHY do these questions matter? Because we believe that through businesses we have the potential to move the world forward and it’s easier to do inspiring work when we are well.

Imagine your workplace as a source of wellness that energizes and fulfills leadership and employees to show up as their best selves and do inspiring work!

BUT, right now we see a crisis of well-being. First, we are not well – the majority are stressed and anxious. And second, we forgot how to “be”, only “do”.

Guiding business folks off the stress and anxiety ledge into a space of well-being and possibility is what we inspired to do best at SattvaMe.

We do it by active listening and acknowledging the very real pain of stress and anxiety that is making work feel like a grind and a flight. We help revitalize the experience at work as a meaningful elevating space, especially now as we all work from home.

Our clients have struggled with similar issues in employee mental health, risks of stress, and battling constant “work from home” distractions. After engaging with SattvaMe they saw a significant improvement in their well-being, communication, focus, and engagement. 

Interested to hear more on how to make your workplace a source of well-being?

Let’s talk! Or forward this to your HR and even CEO ?

A quote to reflect on: 

“Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the heart

– Ancient Proverb