Feeling overwhelmed is an epidemic. The solutions in our reach, like coffee and cigarettes, affect our health and long-term well-being. My dog taught me a simple, efficient and quick remedy.

I recently moved to a house. My previous condo had no direct sunshine. The house is full of sun. It shines in my office in the morning and another part of the house in the afternoon. I noticed that my little dog would come out daily to sit in the sunlight. Something I couldn’t see in the condo before. Now she follows the sun as it moves to different rooms during the day and takes sunbaths.

I am a big believer in watching animals behave to find holistic solutions in my life. After all, we are animals too, so what works for a dog or a cat should also work for us.

At first, I found my dog’s sunbathing routine cute adorable and I would carry on with my day. By watching her for a few weeks though, I started to feel the urge to join, even for a moment.

We all have a point in the day when energy is just gone. For me, it’s around 3 PM. I feel like my brain shuts off and my body becomes soft and mushy. In the past, I would go for coffee, which then affects my sleep, raises heart-rate and levels of acidity in the body. Now I go for a sunbath.

As I soak the rays, I watch my anxiety, frantic thoughts, feeling of tiredness melting away. I just stand there in the sun, fully open to receive. Now it’s a daily ritual and a preventative measure for getting overwhelmed on a rainy day.

Next time you feel the energy dip in your day – step outside for a few moments. Find direct sunlight. Stand in a firm stance with feet shoulder distance apart, chest and heart open, palms open and strong. Face the sun. Close your eyes. Close all your mental files. And Receive. Allow yourself to relax and be still, feeling the warmth of the sun. Two minutes. I bet you stay longer though.

Sun is the energy source for all living beings. We consume food to get the energy into our body from plants and animals we eat. Taking a few minutes to soak in the sun is like plugging into the source directly.

Next time when you feel overwhelmed and tired – go outside for a few minutes. Find the spot with direct sunlight for lunch. Pause for a few seconds when you run from meeting to meeting. Acknowledge when the sun touches you in the car. Every little count. And boy… it feels amazing!

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