A (difficult) lesson we will always be learning is surrendering to circumstance.

It’s a dance with control. We gain it, lose it, gain and lose it again. It happens this way everywhere in our lives, forever.

Surrendering to circumstance looks like expecting a beautiful 4-star hotel in a foreign country and realizing at 1 am that it’s actually a 1-star shady motel. (Yes, this one is from experience! ?)

You could hate your circumstance and complain, or you could let go of preferences and enter its flow.

Choose to let go.

And by entering the flow, great mysteries and adventures unfold.

That shady hotel provided the best meal and customer service ever expected. And the time, which before seemed unbearable, passed seamlessly and enjoyably.

Don’t let the monkey-mind win!

Surrender. Surrender. Surrender. ??

A quote to reflect on: 

Surrender is like a fish finding the current and going with it.” – Mark Nepo