Let’s talk about the mental wellness circle of frustration.

We usually start the job excited about the new role. Then, Deadlines. Changes. Mistakes. The stress stacks up. We are given no way of dealing with our mental frustrations because everyone else in the company takes it as “normal.”

Stress turns to burnout.

Productivity continues to decrease until we settle and “grind” through each day, leave (or get fired).

Then you must look for a new exciting opportunity all over again, but less energy and hope.
It’s a vicious circle, and there is a better way.

When we have a personal wellness plan and encourage its use at work, stress feels manageable. We can take breaks and recharge to get tasks done with more focus and ease.

We have better relationships with colleagues and families.

We deal with stress as it comes, so it doesn’t become a problem. Plus lower health costs, increased productivity (and revenue), and less turnover.

Do you have a personal wellness plan that works?
If not yet, let’s put one together: https://calendly.com/sattvame/consultation 

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October 22-24, 2021

Perfect time to invest in your well-being! 
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A quote to reflect on: 

Well-being is not a choice or a luxury, it’s a basic human need.
– Oksana Esberard